Vehicle Racking Systems

Transforming your vehicle from a mode of transport to a fully functioning mobile workspace.


We believe that an organised and well presented load area is the key to the success of any working vehicle. Our fully modular and customisable Van racking solutions offer functional and flexible van storage solutions. Designed to transport your goods and equipment securely. Whilst maximising the efficient use of space within the load area.

Installed by one of our trained team members and with endless options and configurations available. We work with you to design and install a racking system to your individual requirements.



Modular van racking systems designed to be functional and flexible. Creating a well organised and efficient working environment.


Professionally installed and crash tested at accredited facilities. Giving peace of mind your assets and equipment are being transported safely.


Endless options; from drawers, cupboards and shelves through to tool storage, work benches and pipe carriers. Bespoke solutions and custom colour schemes available

HUBB Systems Modular Van Racking

HUBB Systems MaximRack is a high quality, cost effective van racking system designed and manufactured in the UK. Maximrack has hundreds of different combinations, so you can configure your layout to your exact need.

Crash tested and certified to 20G.

Designed and tested to carry up to 25kgs per shelf.

Manufactured from lightweight, powder coated steel.

Designed, sourced and manufactured in the UK

Custom colours and branding available.

Storage bins, shelves, drawers and much more.

Lightweight yet robust

3 year warranty

Sensitively priced

SORTIMO Van Storage System

SORTIMO are at the cutting edge of van racking and storage solutions. The Sortimo SR5 and Golbelyst systems are far more than some shelves in the back of a van. They are a fully integrated vehicle storage solution designed around efficiency, productivity and profitability.

SR5, Globelyst and FR-5 racking systems.

Crash tested and certified.

Endless options, accessories and configurations.

Manufactured from light weight aluminium.

Compatible with a wide range of tool manufacturers

Extremely high quality and robust

Premium vehicle racking

Van Storage Solutions

Bulkhead storage solutions

False floors

Drawer systems

Pull out / retractable systems (ideal for generators / compressors)

Fold Down Shelving

Utilised and tested by couriers and transport companies worldwide. Fold away shelving is the ultimate flexible storage solution when it comes to making the most of the storage space in your vehicle. Fold them down when transporting smaller goods and then store them away when space is needed for bigger and bulkier items.

Weight capacity of 100 KG per shelf.

One handed operation.

Adjust shelves to any height.

Van Vault – Secure Storage

The UK’s number 1 brand for keeping your tools safe and secure. Tool theft from vans is unfortunately an ever growing problem in the UK . Van-Vault secure storage protects your valuable tools and equipment, keeping them locked securely away within the vehicle.

Full range of Van-Vault products available

Independently tested and accredited security systems

Over 21 years of testing and product innovation

Roof / Ladder Storage

An innovative “internal roof rack”, the ladder cradle is a roof mounted internal storage solution. Suitable for ladders and other long items which are difficult to store in the working area of the vehicle. The ladder cradle is available with either 2 or 3 fold away, adjustable rungs.

Keep ladders locked away securely inside the vehicle.

Store ladders and long items neatly and off the floor.

Ideal for pipe, pole and timber storage.

Rungs adjustable the full length of the vehicle.

Ladder Cradle

Pipe / Pole Storage

Roof or wall mounted pipe / pole storage racks, Ideal for storing pole fed window cleaning systems safely and securely. Available in custom lengths / configurations. Manufactured from Line-X’d High density tubing for a long lasting and effective storage solution.

Custom lengths / quantities

Available in any colour

Roof or wall mounting

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