LINE-X provides a tough, monolithic coating to virtually any substrate with excellent mechanical properties including flexibility, strength, elongation and impact resistance. Properties that are unrivalled by other coating system and allow LINE-X to stand out as one of the most competent coating systems for many different applications. LINE-X’s chemical resistance, durability, crack-bridging and seamless seal makes LINE-X a top choice for industries who are having to provide protection to their assets. LINE-X is tolerant to moisture, allowing our applications to take place during adverse weather conditions where other conventional materials come up short.

Line-X Bundling

Secondary Containment

  • Fast return to Service
  • Chemical resistance
  • Watertight and airtight seal monolithic membrane
  • High elasticity propertiesDoes not crack split or warp
  • Sprayed to any desired thickness
  • Universal, spray applied fitting
  • Maintenance free
  • CE certified for use on concrete

Regulation 31 Approved

LINE-X’s Aquaurethane Extreme is a revolutionary fast set, quick drying spray applied polyurea that has been specially formulated to meet/exceed the requirements of both UK WRAS approval as well as Regulation 31, of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, the UK’s most stringent and highest standard for water containment. the stringent regulations required for fresh, treated and potable water storage reservoirs.

  • NO CFC’s, NO VOC’s and NO SOLVENTS – 100% solids
  • Touch dry in 5 to 7 seconds making it easy and quick to apply
  • It is professionally applied by trained applicators
  • very short processing and curing time = fast return to service.
Line-X Reservoir spraying
Line-X Aquaurethane

Tank / Underground Reservoir Lining

Aquaurethane Extreme is designed to refurbish the inside of fresh, treated and potable water storage tanks and reservoirs that may have become porous or degraded over the years thus losing valuable water supplies due to leaks and seepage. Once applied LINE-X creates a seamless monolithic membrane, preventing water loss from the containment area into the surrounding structural walls and out into the surrounding land. Its excellent elasticity allows the membrane to expand and contract with the concrete and can withstand significant crack growth.

Pipe Lining

Utilising specialist application equipment, LINE-X’s Aquaurethane Extreme can be applied to the inside of pipes used to carry the water from the reservoirs to the end user providing a seamless lining that helps prevent seepage and leaks from the pipes as well as sealing the joints.

Line-X car park decking

Car Park Decks

Multi-story car park decks are at risk of concrete corrosion when exposed to water-ingress. A poorly sealed car park deck will have a reduced life-span, which could result in very costly repairs.

LINE-X is broadly utilised for surface protection against chemicals, abrasion and water-ingress as well as offering immense durability and excellent crack bridging properties. Sealing the top-deck with LINE-X’s durable, seamless membrane will create a highly abrasion resistant water-tight barrier, protecting the structural integrity of the concrete.

Loading Bays & Cargo Areas

Loud bangs, noisy vibrations and the deafening tones of loading and unloading cargo is enough to drive anyone crazy! When high noise levels of a short duration are generated on a regular basis, they have to be controlled not to exceed 60 dB in accordance with the recommendations of World Health Organisation (section 3.5).

LINE-X’s sound absorbing properties have an absolute noise level of 54 db when spayed at the desired 5mm thickness

Line-X Site Spraying

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