What is LINE-X?

What is LINE-X? How does it work?

Find out all you need to know about this amazing technology!

Line-X Spray machine

The Machinery

The LINE-X equipment is a high pressure heated system. The equipment pressurises the liquid components (A side, B side) and heats them separately. The heated and pressurised material is then then fed through heated hoses down to the gun where it mixes just before it comes together at the very tip.

  • Heated to 60-70 decrees celsius
  • Pressurised to ~ 2500 PSI
  • Mixes material at the tip of the gun

The Materials

LINE-X Spray on protective coatings are a two part polyurea / polyurethane elastomer system. It uses equal parts of an “A” component or hardener and a “B” component or resin. When combined properly it produces a polyurethane elastomer similar to the bottoms of your work boot.

The two liquid components are brought together (using special equipment) at the tip of the spray gun. LINE-X cures or “sets up” in 3 to 5 seconds, giving it an immediate set time.

LINE-X exhibits one of the highest tensile strength’s, one of the highest tear strength’s, and one of the highest abrasion resistance than most other spray-on coatings available. This makes LINE-X one of the highest performing protective coatings across the automotive and industrial industries. It’s like a flexible plastic coating, but spray applied. LINE-X can be sprayed at any desired thickness, from 1mm to 10mm and beyond.

Line-X Plate coating detail
Line-X Detail Bedliner

The Facts

Moulds to every contour

Bonding permanently to your surface, LINE-X moulds around every contour, providing a weather and water tight seal. In vehicles there is no lost cargo space. Prevents, dirt, water, sand and gravel from ever getting in contact with the substrate preventing rust and corrosion.

Yes…It’s Repairable

Even if the most unlikely mishap occurs, we can seamlessly repair the surface to like-new. (Impossible with a drop-in liner).

Environmentally Safe

LINE-X is environmentally safe, 100% solids and contains no hazards like V.O.C.’s or C.F.C.’s, and it’s solvent free.

Chemically Resistant

Including: pool chlorine, petrol, diesel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents, fertilizers, and much more!

Some Suitable Applications

Here’s a short list of the many applications ourselves and other LINE-X dealers around the world have done:

  • Construction; decks, foundations, retaining walls, floors, roofs.
  • Marine applications; boat hulls, boat decks, marine ramps, cargo holds
  • Film & TV; Harcoating of polystyrene sculptures and sets, moulding of armour and set dressings
  • Farming; silos, feed containers, storage tanks
  • .Trailers; horse boxes, boat trailers, work trailers
  • Industrial; secondary containment, water tanks, floors
  • General Automotive; Truck Bedliners, Van load area lining, Jeep floorboards, Van interiors, wheel well undercoating, motorcycle fenders (underside), body panels as rock guard protection
  • Caravans and Motorhomes; Caravan roofs (insulation & water protection), nose masks on trailers and motorhomes, interior floors of “toy house” type trailers
  • Sound system applications; speaker boxes, vehicle and truck interiors, sound rooms
  • Outdoor ponds, dog runs/kennels, Playground equipment.
Line-X Van lining orange

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